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Meet ELI's Founder Avivit Ohana

Meet Avivit Ohana, the driving force behind ELI. Avivit's journey began in Israel, where she cultivated a deep-rooted connection to the American Jewish community. She holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Digital Innovation from the honors program at Reichman University and UQAM University in Canada. With an impressive background in entrepreneurship and service as an officer in the Israeli Air Force, Avivit brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Passionate about leveraging community power and technology for social impact, Avivit is dedicated to empowering aspiring business leaders worldwide. She has successfully navigated the intricate landscape of startups, VCs, and corporates. "ELI creates unique opportunities that typically take years to build, in just a few weeks. Open your doors to global connections, enter the Israeli tech ecosystem, and ensure you'll be one step ahead in your professional journey. Looking forward to welcoming you to the program!"

What Is ELI?

ELI (Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Israel) is dedicated to empowering teens, young professionals, and leaders worldwide by connecting them with Israel's thriving business ecosystem. Our mission is to foster global connections, equip participants with essential skills for success in today’s business landscape, support them in exploring their Jewish identity, and guide them to the next step in their career journey. Through a range of online live programs, ELI cultivates leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong network, creating a supportive environment for the next generation of business leaders.

Why ELI?

With ELI, you unlock unparalleled opportunities to elevate your career while exploring your Jewish identity. As an integral member of ELI's global community, you'll refine your personal brand and cultivate essential business skills for success. ELI Fellows gain direct and exclusive exposure to the Startup Nation while expanding their valuable networks for a lifetime.

Who is a great fit for ELI?

ELI NextGen: High school students (grades 9-12) who are Jewish, whether Israeli, American, or from around the globe. They should have a keen interest in entrepreneurship, a passion for Israel, and a desire to gain early exposure to the dynamics of the startup nation. These students are eager to connect with peers worldwide, enhance their resumes, and gain valuable skills for their future academic and professional journeys.

ELI Young Professionals: Jewish young adult leaders aged 18-35, whether Israeli, American, or from around the globe, who have a strong interest in entrepreneurship and a passion for Israel. They are eager to explore the intricacies of the startup nation, connect with like-minded individuals globally, and engage in a unique experience that will propel their careers to the next level. These individuals are ready to refine their personal brands, expand their professional networks, and develop essential business skills.

Here's How It Works:

Virtual sessions (Zoom) | 90 min each | Limited spots available 

For the acceptance process and more detailed information,

please visit the ELI NextGen page and the ELI Young Professionals page.

What Are You Waiting For?

Start Your Journey With ELI

Global Network Expansion: Connect with a global network of professionals and entrepreneurs.

Exclusive Access: Direct access to key figures from Israel’s business ecosystem.

Skill Enhancement: Improve business and personal skills through workshops and mentorship.

Effective Networking: Acquire essential networking skills.

Personal Brand Development: Start building a strong personal brand.

Global Community Membership: Join the prestigious global ELI community.

Unique Opportunities: Open doors to unique career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Professional Advantage: Stay one step ahead in your professional life.

Certification: Enhance your resume with a certificate of participation and completion from ELI.

Deadline: June 5th

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