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Avivit Ohana CEO

Avivit Ohana

Founder & CEO

  • Founded two companies, including VIA.

  • Has extensive experience in marketing and business development in startups, VCs and corporates.

  • Bachelor's degree in business administration and digital innovation at Reichman University and UQAM, Canada. 

  • Held various roles as an officer in the Israeli Air Force for a duration of 5 years.

  • Engaged within Jewish communities in the USA.

  • Lecturer.

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About VIA

VIA was born from a vision of revolutionizing low-tech companies, bring innovation to marketing and propelling them into a prosperous future with remarkable achievements.

We specialize in LinkedIn.

In VIA, we integrate high-tech elements into low-tech companies, and customizing them to suit each organization precisely.

We are here to create the high-tech "suit" to your company. 

Avivit Ohana


Around the world

Avivit Ohana was invited to speak in San Diego State University and share her entrepreneurial journey with the students.


This Lecture was conducted within the framework of TAMID, a consulting, investing and entrepreneurship club.


Professional and Inspirational

LinkedIn trainings: 

General training, Sales trainings, HR trainings and Executives trainings.

"From No To Yes" - Inspirational session.

Avivit Ohana is sharing her own story and what are the keys to succeed in today's world.

This photo is from a lecture that Avivit Ohana was invited to give at the Tel Nof Air Force base.

Avivit Ohana
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