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June 9th 2024 - Session N. 1

Introduction, Program Overview & Founder Lecture Avivit Ohana

  • Welcome and Introduction to the Program

  • Overview of Program Goals and Objectives

  • Introduction to Key Speakers and Topics

  • Lecture by ELI's founder: Avivit Ohana delivers a captivating lecture, sharing her personal journey from Israel to the global stage of entrepreneurship. Drawing from her experiences as the founder and CEO of ELI, Avivit offers invaluable insights into navigating the complexities of the business world. Through her own story, participants gain inspiration and actionable advice, setting the stage for an enriching and transformative program ahead.

June 16th 2024 - Session N. 2

How Israel Became a Startup Nation & The Israeli High-Tech 

Ran Shavit, Program Manager at Google, discusses the journey of Israel's transformation into a Startup Nation. With deep insights and real-world experience, Ran sheds light on the factors and dynamics behind Israel's emergence as a global tech powerhouse. Join us as Ran provides a comprehensive view from above, delving into the remarkable growth and impact of Israeli startups and companies.

June 23rd 2024 - Session N. 3

Starting a Future Multi-Million-Dollar Startup

Edo Perry, Founder and CEO of ELEMENTS, shares his personal story of establishing a startup, the decision to move to Silicon Valley, and practical insights for entrepreneurs in the US-Israel market in today's business world. Edo believes that technology, collaboration, and education are key to solving the most urgent problems of our time.

June 30th 2024 - Session N. 4

Turning Ideas into Startups: Essential Tools for Entrepreneurial Success

Dr. Yossi Maaravi, Dean of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at Reichman University, delivers a compelling lecture on the journey of transforming ideas into viable businesses. Drawing from his wealth of experience in academia and the business world, Dr. Maaravi equips aspiring entrepreneurs with essential tools and strategies to navigate the challenging terrain of startup ventures. Through practical insights and real-world examples, participants will gain invaluable knowledge on how to take their entrepreneurial ideas from conception to execution. 

July 7th 2024 - Session N. 5

CEO at a Young Age & Your High-Tech First Steps 

Shahar Peled, Co-Founder and CEO of a stealth mode startup, will impart valuable insights on the CEO's role. He will underscore the essential skills and qualities necessary for success in this position. Additionally, Shahar will provide guidance on navigating the dynamic landscape of the high-tech industry, offering a recipe for success and practical advice for budding entrepreneurs.

July 14th 2024 - Session N. 6

Personal Branding in the Digital Age

Lirone Glikman, a global business development consultant specializing in networking and personal branding in the Digital Age, will lead this session. With expertise in assisting entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals in corporations achieve their business objectives through relationship-building, brand management, and business development strategies, she will delve into the topic of Personal Branding in the Digital Age.

July 21st 2024 - Session N. 7

Mastering Entrepreneurship from an Investor's Lens

Sivan Shamri Dahan, Managing Partner and co-founder at Qumra Capital, will provide invaluable insights into entrepreneurship from an investor's perspective. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of what investors look for in startup founders, effective pitching strategies, and practical advice for navigating the fundraising process. This session is essential for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to success in the startup ecosystem.

July 28th 2024 - Session N. 8

Take Your Leadership to New Heights

Anat Treister, Founder and CEO of TreiStar, introduces The Leadership Circle™ Profile/360. This groundbreaking assessment tool evaluates leadership impact, enabling entrepreneurs to compare their leadership abilities to others and enhance overall performance. The Leadership Circle Profile offers a comprehensive 360-degree assessment, measuring critical leadership competencies essential for entrepreneurs, including achievements, relationship management, self-awareness, and more. Join Anat to elevate your entrepreneurial journey to new heights.

August 4th 2024 - Session N. 9

How to Live Our Best Selves

Yuval Teren, a master communication coach and human analyst, will lead a fascinating and engaging session on how to live our best selves through interpersonal communication. Renowned for captivating audiences with live analysis and enriched with valuable experience, Yuval brings a unique perspective to mastering the art of communication.

August 11th 2024 - Session N. 10

Mapping Your Future: 'Me in 3 Years From Now' with Avivit Ohana

In the final session, Avivit Ohana offers participants a distinctive chance to develop practical skills for charting their journey over the next three years. Through the "Me in 3 Years From Now" session, attendees gain insights into setting and achieving goals while expanding their network by connecting with fellow participants.

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