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Avivit Ohana

Avivit Ohana is the founder of ELI. She was born and raised in Israel and deeply connected to the Jewish community in the United States.

She is an entrepreneur, founded La Unica, VIA and ELI.

Avivit served 5 years as a Captain in the Israeli Air Force in various interesting command positions. She has a B.A in Business Administration and Digital Innovation (Honors Program) from Reichman University. Avivit was invited to speak in San Diego State University, Air Force bases and High-Tech communities.


Dr. Yossi Maaravi

Dr. Yossi Maaravi is the Dean of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at Reichman University, Herzliya – Israel's most prestigious private university. Yossi obtained his B.A. from the Hebrew University and a PhD. in Business Administration in the direct program for excellent PhD. students at Tel Aviv University. Dr. Maaravi has more than 20 years of experience in teaching and training young adults, students at B.A. and M.A. levels and managers from all over the world. He also has vast field experience both as an entrepreneur and as a management consultant working with leading Israeli companies.


Sivan Shamri Dahan

Sivan is a Managing Partner and co-founder at Qumra where she is a Board member in Joytunes , Augury, Aquant, DataRails and Sweet Inn . Sivan also co-led investments in Fiverr and Riskified. Sivan’s career spans venture capital investing as well as sales and marketing experience gained at startups and global high-tech companies. Additionally, Sivan is a founding leader of the Women Founders Forum, which supports women CEOs of young startups raising funds and taking key decisions for their ventures. Sivan holds a BA in Business Administration majoring in Finance from the Israel College of Administration, and an Executive MBA from the University of London.


Lirone Glikman

Lirone Glikman is a global biz dev consultant specializing in networking and personal branding in the Digital Age. Lirone helps entrepreneurs, startups, and professionals in corporations achieve their business objectives through relationship-building, brand management and business development strategies. Her work is based on over 20 years of global experience in marketing, branding, PR, and sales, working mainly in the US, Australia and Israel. Lirone developed a methodology on these topics and have spoken and taught to hundred thousands of professionals worldwide in the past decade.


Edo Perry

Edo is a Climatech entrepreneur. He is the co-founder & CEO of Elements, the employee climate engagement platform that helps reduce employees’ scope 3 emissions and utility bills through personalised energy usage analysis and actionable solutions. In addition he founded a community of 1,700+ people looking to find their next job in ClimateTech in Israel. Edo lived in Silicon Valley for over 15 years and has since lived in Israel since 2010. He previously worked at Apple in the Sustainability team in Israel and served as an officer for 6 years in the Israel Intelligence Division. In addition, he writes, lectures & mentors about ClimateTech at different companies & universities.


Anat Treister-Goren

Ph.D., ICF Master Certified Coach, CPCC, ORSCC, Leadership Circle Certified, Team Diagnostics, Founder, CEO of TreiStar. For over fifteen years, Anat has been channeling her passion for working with people into a successful coaching career, facilitating growth, and helping CEOs and leadership teams from all over the world achieve their goals and reach their potential. Anat is a MASTER CERTIFIED COACH by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as well as by numerous other world-renowned schools, including the Coaches Training Institute, The Full Circle Group, CRR GLOBAL, and Team Coaching International. 


Shahar Peled

Currently the Co-Founder and CEO of a stealth mode startup, Shahar Peled is an accomplished entrepreneur. He was formerly the VP of business Development at after he built the company’s Go-To-Market from the ground up. Before that, he was the CEO of Eternity where he led the company from idea to execution with two financing rounds and first million in sales. He is also a speaker and public diplomat, having represented Israel in NYC and China on various major stages including being a keynote speaker and conducting interviews with the largest news channels in the world. With an impressive track record in the startup ecosystem and a deep connection to the Jewish community abroad, Shahar shares insights on becoming a CEO at a young age and navigating your first steps in and into the high-tech industry in his lecture.


Yuval Teren

Unlock your potential with Yuval Teren, an esteemed communication coach, keynote speaker, and host of the podcast ‘Live Your Best Self’. Known by many as “The Mind Reader,” Yuval has honed a highly sensitive ability to analyze people, earning him this nickname among clients. Yuval’s innovative H.M.A methodology empowers his clients to embark on a journey of self-discovery, conquer their fears, build influential communication skills, and reach their potential. With a background in the IDF and experience in consulting and coaching top-tier executives, he brings a unique perspective to mastering the art of communication.

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  Niron Hashai

Niron Hashai is the Dean of Arison School of Business at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya). Prior to that he spent 15 years at the School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University. His research interests include: theory of the multinational corporation, technological innovation, diversification, and growth patterns of high technology firms. His research was published in top strategy, management, international business and innovation journals. Niron Hashai is a co-founder of the Hebrew University entrepreneurship center and the Israel Strategy Conference (ISC).


Yoav Vilner

Yoav Vilner is CEO at Walnut. He has been recognized as a "Tech Marketer to Watch" by Forbes. Prior to that, he was the founder of one of the world’s first tech marketing companies that helped 600 startups grow and a founding CMO of an anti-bullying startup. Yoav was also a startup mentor with accelerators by Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and the U.N., and a writer for top outlets such as Inc Magazine, Forbes, CNBC, Entrepreneur, and more.


Joanna Landau

Best-selling author of “Ethical Tribing: Connecting the Next Generation to Israel in the Digital Era”, Joanna is an expert on country branding, Israel’s soft power, and the unique challenges Israel faces when building its global reputation. Recognized by Forbes Israel as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in Israel, Joanna worked as a lawyer in Israel’s high tech industry, established two Tel Aviv-based start ups, and is the Founder, President and former CEO of Vibe Israel. 


Ronen Nir

Ronen is a Managing Director at PSG Equity and heads its Israeli office. 
He currently serves on the boards of Pixellot, IronScales, vHive, Revuze and Beti. Previously, he was a principal, partner and General Partner at Viola Ventures. 
Notable investments include iRonsource, Redis, Verbit, Samanage. Prior to Viola, Ronen held several positions in the Israeli tech industry, the latest one being VP Product Management in Verint Systems. Ronen served in an elite Israeli Defense Forces' Intelligence Unit (8200) and holds a rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Res.). 


Hilla Bakshi

Hilla Bakshi is an entrepreneur. Founder of HaMeetupistiot, a Facebook community (20.5K+) that promotes professional and personal development for women through informal learning like Meetups and professional workshops. Hilla is an expert in building relationships with customers or a team on a global scale. She is a leader in the Israeli startup community and a Business Partnerships and Growth Manager at - a platform for upscaling women in tech.


Jonathan Tal

Jonathan Tal is a Community Manager at Act-IL. He is managing an online community of over 33,000 activists from over 90 countries across various social media platforms aiming to combat antisemitism. Act-IL leads an online community that acts on social media platforms, fighting antisemitism and positively influencing the narrative regarding Israel with a community that has the power to change the world. Act-IL is one of the most impactful forces acting in favor of Israel and the delegitimization of the Jewish state.

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