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The Next Generation of Jewish Business Leaders

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מה זה ELI?

מה זה ELI?

Deadline: September 30th, 2024

מה זה ELI?

ELI נולדה מתוך חזון לחזק ולהעצים יהודים קהילות ב

ארצות הברית ולטפח קשרים חזקים יותר בין הקהילות הללו לבין ישראל.

בשלב מכריע זה בחייהם של צעירים (18-30), תקופה שבה זהותם ואישיותם

מתפתחים ומתגבשים, אנו שואפים לספק להם תוכנית שתרחיב את אופקים, תציע הזדמנויות לחלום, תצייד אותם בכלים לביצוע ולתת להם

הזדמנות ללשמוע ולהתחבר לאנשים יוצאי דופן מ-Startup Nation.


אלי היא תוכנית של 10 מפגשים מקוונים.

כל מפגש יתמקד באחד מהנושאים הבאים: 

יזמות, מנהיגות וישראל.
אחלוק את הסיפור האישי שלי מעיניו של קצין בחיל האוויר ויזם.
הסדנאות מועברות על ידי מנהיגים בתוך ה
תעשיית ההייטק,

מומחים בתחומים מגוונים,ולכלול מפגש מיוחד עם צה"ל.

למה זה נקרא ELI?
ובכן, זה נאו רק על הנושאים..


תצטרך להשתתף באחד המפגשים כדי לחשוף את התשובה! נתראה שם! 

Topics Covered in ELI NextGen:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship, VCs, Startups, and the high-tech industry

  • Understanding Startup Culture and the journey of a beginning entrepreneur

  • Success stories of Israeli entrepreneurs 

  • A taste of the Israeli culture 

  • Essentials of Business Planning, from idea to execution

  • Foundations of Investments

  • Leadership Skills Development

  • Building Your Personal Brand

  • Networking Skills

  • Innovation and Creativity in Business

  • Elevator Pitch and Pitch Deck for Investors

  • Professional Communication

  • Case Studies of Successful Startups

  • Sustainability in Business

  • How AI Is Impacting Today's Business World

  • Mapping Your Future

By the end of the program, your child will have acquired essential life skills in business, entrepreneurship, and leadership, empowering them to become tomorrow's game changer.

Participants will gain the following practical skills and experiences:

  1. Building a Venture - From Ideation to Execution: Participants will understand the entire process of starting a business, including brainstorming ideas, developing a business plan, and executing their strategy.

  2. Building and Maximizing Your LinkedIn Page: Participants will have a professional LinkedIn profile optimized to attract potential employers, collaborators, and investors.

  3. Relationships with Israeli Entrepreneurs: Participants will have established connections with successful Israeli entrepreneurs, gaining valuable insights and mentorship.

  4. Elevator Pitch: Participants will develop their own elevator pitch that highlights their unique strengths and advantages.

  5. Essential Business Skills: Participants will acquire a set of crucial business and life skills necessary for success.

Here's How It Works:

15 virtual sessions (Zoom) | 90 min each | October 29, 2024 - May 13, 2025, bi-weekly | 5pm EST 

Price for the whole annual program: $2000

*** Deadline: September 30th (Limited spots available (!)

Your Journey 
With ELI NextGen

Start your journey with us. You’re just a few simple steps away.


Apply for the program by September 30th, 2024. 


If you’re a good fit for the program, we will contact you for a brief interview. 


Congratulations, you're in for a year-long exclusive program of 15 online sessions that will equip you with invaluable knowledge and skills to excel in the next step in your journey.


Join ELI's global network of alumni with a prestigious certificate that enhances your resume, providing access to exclusive opportunities, mentorship, and lifelong support from fellow members.

What Are You Waiting For?

מה זה ELI?

What Our Alumni Say

Kim Khaver, CA

"I have learned how to enter the tech world, brand myself, network with new people, approach job interviews, and much more."

Start Your Journey With ELI

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Acquired Knowledge and Established Connections

Develop an Early Understanding of Business and Technology Sectors in High School

Cultivate Effective Networking Skills and Build Enduring Professional Connections

Enhance Your Resume with ELI’s Certificate of Participation and Completion

Personal Brand Development Start building a strong personal brand.

Gain Exclusive Access to Prominent Figures in the Israeli Ecosystem

Unique Opportunities: Open doors to unique career and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Join the Prestigious Global ELI Community

Acquire Invaluable Knowledge and Lifelong Skills

Deadline: September 30th

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