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Meet ELI's Founder Avivit Ohana

Meet Avivit Ohana, the driving force behind ELI. Avivit's journey began in Israel, where she cultivated a deep-rooted connection to the global Jewish community. She holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Digital Innovation from Reichman University and UQAM University in Canada. With an impressive background spanning entrepreneurship and service as an officer in the Israeli Air Force, Avivit brings a wealth of experience to the table. Passionate about leveraging technology for social impact, she has navigated the intricate landscape of startups, VCs, and corporates. "ELI creates unique opportunities for global connections, entering the Israeli tech ecosystem, and taking your journey to the next meaningful step. Join us and unlock your potential. Looking forward to welcoming you to the program!"

מה זה ELI?

ELI נולדה מתוך חזון לחזק ולהעצים יהודים קהילות ב

ארצות הברית ולטפח קשרים חזקים יותר בין הקהילות הללו לבין ישראל.

בשלב מכריע זה בחייהם של צעירים (18-30), תקופה שבה זהותם ואישיותם

מתפתחים ומתגבשים, אנו שואפים לספק להם תוכנית שתרחיב את אופקים, תציע הזדמנויות לחלום, תצייד אותם בכלים לביצוע ולתת להם

הזדמנות ללשמוע ולהתחבר לאנשים יוצאי דופן מ-Startup Nation.


אלי היא תוכנית של 10 מפגשים מקוונים.

כל מפגש יתמקד באחד מהנושאים הבאים: 

יזמות, מנהיגות וישראל.
אחלוק את הסיפור האישי שלי מעיניו של קצין בחיל האוויר ויזם.
הסדנאות מועברות על ידי מנהיגים בתוך ה
תעשיית ההייטק,

מומחים בתחומים מגוונים,ולכלול מפגש מיוחד עם צה"ל.

למה זה נקרא ELI?
ובכן, זה נאו רק על הנושאים..


תצטרך להשתתף באחד המפגשים כדי לחשוף את התשובה! נתראה שם! 

Why ELI?

With ELI, you gain exclusive access to experts and entrepreneurs from the Israeli tech ecosystem. By being a part of ELI, you'll have the chance to cultivate both personal and business skills, leading you to success while becoming an integral member of ELI's global community. ELI Fellows not only experience direct exposure to the startup nation but also expand their valuable network for a lifetime.


ELI stands out for its unique approach to promoting entrepreneurship within the global Jewish community, offering unparalleled opportunities for growth, networking, and skill development. Ultimately, ELI empowers individuals to realize their potential, make meaningful contributions to the business world, and strengthen ties between Jewish communities worldwide and Israel's thriving tech sector.

Who is a great fit for ELI?

Young adults Jewish leaders aged 18-35 whether Israeli, American, or from around the globe, with an interest in entrepreneurship, a passion for Israel, and desire in exploring the dynamics of the startup nation. They are eager to connect with like-minded individuals worldwide, ready to engage in a unique experience, and enthusiastic about collaborating with remarkable people.

Here's How It Works:

10 online sessions (Zoom) | Sundays, June 9th - August 11th | 12PM EST / 9AM PT 

Israel Time from 19:00 to 21:00 | Each session lasts for 2 hours. 

To access the details of each session, please click here.

Only $29 per session, total price of $299 for the entire program (worth about $4,000)

New batch is open for pre-registration now! Secure your spot before everyone else!

After Completing The Program:

  • You will be awarded a certificate of participation and completion from ELI.

  • Participants seamlessly become part of the Global ELI Community.

  • Your journey continues with limitless opportunities to engage in the Israeli startup ecosystem, foster professional growth, and connect with Jewish leaders worldwide.

Begin your ELI journey by submitting your application (deadline: June 2nd).

What Are You Waiting For?


Entrepreneurial Trip
to Israel with
ELI & Taglit 

July / August 2024 | 7 days trip

Visit Hi-tech & startups

companies, explore the best of

Israel and make memories that

will last a lifetime. Ages 18-26.

Apply and mark the box in the bottom of the page and we'll get back to you

Start Your Journey With ELI

Expand your valuable network globally 

Gain exclusive access to key figures from the Israeli ecosystem

Enhancing your business and personal skills 

Enhance your interpersonal communication skills

Acquire skills for effective networking

Begin crafting your personal brand

Become a member of the global ELI community

Receive a certificate of participation and completion from ELI

Registration Is Now OPEN!

תאריך ושעה מדויקים יישלחו בקרוב!

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Deadline: June 2nd

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